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Poster: deadpolitics Date: Jul 9, 2010 10:18am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no offense but

You all have got me thinking!

1st verse: The qualifier of "when" in the first verse implies that his body has not yet been taken down.Perhaps the call girl is talking about her pimp being taken away in a paddy wagon. Although she works for him, she expresses sympathy for him ("your poor body") in case he ever gets busted.

chorus: Though she feels bad for him, there ain't no way she's going down with his boat if he ever gets in trouble.

2nd verse: Though her pimp always acts so cool calm and in control when he is out in public, at the end of the day he is stressing. I mean, shit, it's hard to relax when you're livelihood is based in illegal activity.

3rd verse: Although the pimp is successful as far as pimps go, he still has to work hard and be out on the street with his girls rain or shine. I'm not really sure what to make of the one last voice... maybe its the last call of the night and the pimp has to keep working even though he is enjoying his time hanging out with his favorite girl?

4th verse: The girl says goodbye to her pimp and expresses hope that they will see each other again when they are both in a better place a long time from now. If they never make it to that better place, well they just might run into each other as they keep living their outlaw lives.

Overall, it seems as if the pimp and prostitute have a pretty good working relationship... maybe there's even some love/attraction between them that never gets to blossom because of the business they are in. There is a sense of finality (I guess it's time you go) like their relationship is coming to an end but they are not about to stay in touch. Is it meant to be? Well, well, well, you can never tell.

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Poster: spacedface Date: Jul 10, 2010 12:30am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no offense but

There's no real indication of plagues or prostitutes. It seems to be more general, as in a death process like physical death which we all experience. Consider yourself already among the dead for best results.

Though the wagon could be run by patties...

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Poster: ringolevio Date: Jul 10, 2010 5:33am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no offense but

There's no explicit reference to prostitution in the song, but that's what Hunter said. The plague thing I agree is a stretch.

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Poster: spacedface Date: Jul 10, 2010 9:14am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: no offense but

ah, "The song, as I imagined it, is addressed to a pimp."

For some reason I never thought of jelly jelly listening to Sugaree.